Explore a large selection of bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets online at Casa Bazar in India. We deliver quality kitchen faucets at affordable prices to your doorsteps.

However, selecting the right faucet, the faucet styles and finishes will stand the test of time—and coming up behind them are newer, trendier looks and tones that might well end up in the pantheon of classics. But the best thing you can do is select a faucet that works for you and your space. Let’s explore the long-beloved faucets and finishes while getting to know the trends with significant staying power, and how they can influence your home.

To call something a classic is to know it’s been judged over time and proven to be remarkable—impeccable quality with established value. Such is the case with these faucets and finishes.

Asthetic Finishes

When it comes to faucet finishes, look to Arctic Stainless or Polished Nickel. Arctic Stainless finish is the classic’s classic, tried and true in presentation and tone. Arctic Stainless differs from Stainless in that it’s glossy with a silver finish and an icy cast, but either would look good in any kitchen.

The Polished Nickel finish has traditional energy, making it feel like it was always meant to be in your kitchen or bath. It’s bold in its simplicity, which is always a bonus.

To be a trend, there must be a progression, where the item in question becomes in fashion. In the case of these faucets and finishes, their fresh styles and tones bring a new ideal to what kitchen and bathroom design could be.

The lesson in all this? Selecting a classic faucet or finish is always a safe bet, but don’t discount an edgier option, as it just might be the next welcome standard. In the end, your design style comes first, so opt for the faucet and finish that inspires and completes your space, regardless of whether it’s a classic or rising trend.

Casa Bazar has myriad types of faucets based on their utilities,  not just bathroom but also for kitchen, scroll to check out the latest designs:

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