Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Grout

Buy high quality epoxy grout online, also, check out the things you need to know. Usually, grout is made from a cement mix chemical product. It’s not waterproof and actually absorbs water when it becomes wet. It also absorbs stains easily, as anyone who has scrubbed grout will attest to.

While Epoxy Grout, is made of epoxy resins mixed with a filler powder to make it waterproof and resistant to stains. Its durability makes it the ideal choice for splashbacks, floors and high-traffic areas. 

Epoxy grout is immune to shrinking, cracking or discolor, making it suitable for applying in wet areas, such as showers. It’s also highly resistant to the hard water chemicals found in cleaning products. Moreover, unlike traditional cement grout, epoxy grout does not need to be sealed, due to its non-porous nature.


Epoxy grout is more difficult to apply than traditional grout.  It takes longer to apply and sets quickly, so must be applied in stages.  Tiles must also be cleaned thoroughly prior to applying epoxy grout.  Epoxy can discolor porous surfaces, such as natural stone, so these surfaces should be sealed prior to grouting.

They have a plastic look, so they must be cleaned thoroughly immediately after application compared to the textured cement look of regular grout. Thereby making it less forgiving and highlighting imperfections in your tiling.  

Epoxy grout also comes with a much higher price tag, making this grout a considerably larger investment. Also, the extra time to apply epoxy and clean thoroughly afterward also adds to the bottom line.

However, despite some of its challenges, epoxy grout is a wonderful solution for splashbacks, wet areas and areas that experience high levels of traffic. Buy high quality epoxy grout online on Casa Bazar.

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