Although there are many well-known advantages of Full Body Vitrified Tiles or FBVTs, at Casa Bazar you will not only get to exhibit all the modern and contemporary designs but also compare them with the best well-known brands in the Construction Material Market! 

Some of the lesser-known major advantages they inherit are:

  • durable and resistant to wear and tears, 
  • immune to acids as well as to alkalis,
  • less noticeable stains and scratches, thanks to their natural aesthetics and the process of manufacturing, 
  • negligible water absorption, making them water-resistant as well as moisture-resistant,
  • the color and finish of these tiles are not affected by sunlight either, which makes them the best fit for your porch, garden area, bathrooms, and swimming pool deck.
  • longer and lasting finishes making them cost-efficient by avoiding the need to polish them frequently,
  • their cleaner and classier looks,
  • easy and less time-consuming installations as they require significantly fewer joints

With more than 100+ brands and 10,000+ products, Casa Bazar offers the largest selection of construction materials in the B2B e-commerce space in India.

Together, Casa Bazar is creating an ecosystem that is favorable for buyers and sellers in changing the way people deal with construction materials.

We use eCommerce and provide a technology solution to help reduce and optimize construction material prices for small retailers and real estate developers.

Would like to keep up to date with the new products/designs related to the construction industry? Do join us and be a part of our Casabazar family.

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