With the shrinking spaces in the urban cities, no living arcade, shopping mall or plazas can function without a parking space because almost everyone owns a vehicle. Parking tiles have a significant contribution in making the parking space a facility that appeals to the populace.

The tiles add to the whole experience of the open or closed space. Casa Bazar has some of the most in-demand parking tiles along with the latest designs. 

The Basics:

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider when choosing parking tiles.

The colour, tone, hue, material, width and durability, every aspect requires a lot of attention and once you’re familiar with what space you have and understand the area that you’re building a parking on, this will become a lot easier.

Confused on choosing the right Parking Tiles?

There is a certain checklist that you should refer to when seeking to decide what kind of tiles you need to choose for parking lots. Obviously, the quality matters but it is also important to decide about features like texture and width. One should always remember to buy the strongest tiles for parking lots.

The tiles should be able to handle immense pressure, should be durable, water-resistant and skid-free. These factors will affect the life of a tile placed in parking lots. So if you want the tiles to last longer, be careful about what you choose. The tiles should be able to handle dense traffic and should not crack under any circumstances. Good choices for car parking lots are:

  1. Vitrified Tiles
  2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Parking Tiles

Porcelain tiles are basically ceramic tiles only but are built under immense pressure to deliver longevity and greater strength. Think of porcelain tiles like they went to the gym and worked out, while ceramic just stayed home and binged web shows. 

Porcelain tiles are anti-skid tiles that make them the perfect fit for parking spaces. If you are looking for stylish and colourful tiles, porcelain tiles might be the end of your quest as these tiles are available in a huge range of colours, designs and patterns.

Vitrified Parking Tiles

Vitrified tiles have a lot of muscle and they are very durable. They provide the parking area with maximum strength and resistance. These tiles get polished while being manufactured, so there’s no need to polish them after they are installed. 

Vitrified tiles, however, don’t come in many styles and colours, making the range to choose from a bit limited. These tiles bring to the table almost nil maintenance expenditure. They are consistent in terms of size, shape and thickness.

They have excellent resistance to scratches, spots and stains, they are skid-free in nature, and the installation is easy and hassle-free. People also opt for vitrified tiles because they provide a traditional and classy look to any area.

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