If you’re pondering on undertaking a new tiling project and what exactly are tile spacers and why do you need them?  Order different sizes of tile spacers online on Casa Bazar at the best prices.

Thinking of The What, Why, How and When, well, if you didn’t know already and want to learn more about what they are and how to use them, keep reading.


Tile spacers come in different sizes usually ranging from 2mm – 6mm and are made from a lightweight yet sturdy plastic. They’re small bits of cross or ‘T’ shaped plastic that are placed between tiles when fixing them to guarantee that the joints between them are of a consistent width. This allows for an exact finish when it’s time to grout your tiles. 


Once applying the adhesive, simply place spacers at each corner of your tiles and then push the tiles together until the spacer is fully adjoined up against each corner of each tile. This will ensure an equivalent gap wherever the tiles meet. 

How Many!

Tile spacers are relatively inexpensive but that’s not to say that you should bypass planning out the quantities you’re going to need (nobody likes wasting money, right?). Plus, if you fail to plan and underestimate the number that you require you could end up delaying your project should you have to pop out and buy more. 

Buy different sizes of Tile Spacers online at Casa Bazar.

When to remove!

As a general rule, most fast-setting adhesives will be fully cured in around 20-30 minutes, so you should aim to remove any spacers before that period has elapsed. Always check the adhesive manufacturers’ instructions before attempting to remove spacers though. 

However, leaving tile spacers be and then grouting over them can cause you to end up with a substandard result, especially when tiling floors. It may be tempting to simply leave the spacers in place, especially if they don’t protrude above the edge of the tiles. 

On all types of tiles!

Tile spacers can be used with wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles – the lot. You might find it slightly more fiddly to use them with hexagonal tiles if the edges are not at right angles but there are tile spacers available that have legs that are set at different angles (they look a bit like old-school airplane propellers).

Similarly, regular tile spacers might not do the trick if you’re installing 20mm thick outdoor slab tiles as the depth of the tiles means that the spacers kind of get lost. That said, there are many alternative ways to install outdoor slab tiles.

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